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Here is it…!

… this is the studio where I do (or at least try!) most of my work and vocation in photography: the portrait. You really have to admit that I’ve always liked to control the details, and a studio allows you to control from light and framing to pose, going through a thousand nuances.

The studio portrait is incredibly versatile; it can be full of color or dark or full of light. Sad or full of energy, it allows to build it at your pleasure, but always at the service of the character and personality of the person.

I guess that’s why I opted for portrait photography. Because of that, and because the eyes are the window to the soul


Spacious and with natural light, it has enough space for different types of photography. Its space allows sessions without limits or space constraints.


Fitted with continuous tungsten electric light (no flashes!), with fresnel-type cinematographic spots.

We use exclusively (with permission of natural light) tungsten spots, although overcome from the practical point of view in photography, it remains completely unbeaten in quality and smoothness, outlining and consistency of lights and shadows.

Nothing surpasses the presence of fresnel light in the atmosphere, nor the brilliance of shapes, textures and colors under its illumination.


Ready for makeup and wardrobe, and has also a reading and waiting area.